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Kiko Chen is a digital product designer and a new media artist based in Helsinki, Finland. Working at the intersection of design, art and emerging technologies, her work strives to explore new possibilities of interactive media, and asks questions about the societal, ethical, environmental and political issues it brings along.
Besides all these, she loves spending time at mökki in the woods with Finnish sauna and friends. And in pre-COVID times, you can always find her in underground live music scenes reviving her good old days of playing in a indie rock band.

IMG_7924 3.jpg

Skills and tools 

UX/UI Design

Figma, Adobe suite,

Design thinking, User research, Prototype, User test, Design system

Creative Coding

P5.js, Processing, Touch designer, D3,js

RunwayML, PoseNet, Body tracking, Gestural interaction, AR, VR


Mentoring and teaching 

Physical Computing & Digital Fabrication

Arduino, IoT, Bela, Kinect, MakeyMakey, 

Fusion360, 3D printing, Laser cutting, Woodwork

Video Production

After Effect, Final Cut Pro

'What is New Media Design' artist talk, One Pear Designer for Designer, 2022

‘Soundshroom’ generative tactile soundscape installation, Sideways Music Festival Helsinki, 2022
‘Yarn.txt - Soft is Radical’ Softislab artist residency, 2021

'Soft is Radical' Panel discussion, guest speaker, 2021

‘Aavistus Festival’ group exhibition showcasing browser AR experience, Helsinki City Museum, 2020

‘Virtually Unknown’ online group exhibition about Art and Artificial Intelligence, 2020

‘Digital Tools for Artisans of Today’ online group exhibition about employing creative computation in contemporary design process, 2020

‘Dutch Design Week’ online exhibition, 2020

‘Aalto Media Lab Demo Day’, 2019

‘Aalto Media Lab Demo Day’, 2020

Exhibitions & Talks

More fun experiments on my Instagram @kiko.artcode 

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