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Body Jam


Body Jam is a gestural interface that allows you to use body movements to manipulate an audio experiments.

What Can You Do

You can move your arms up and down to change the volume, move your head to map the delay effect, or add drum beats by hitting the ‘virtual button’ shows on your screen. The instruction cards will pop up and tell you how to move.

volume adjustment.gif

Change the Volume

pass filter.gif

Apply Pass Filter Effect

drum effect.gif

Add Drum Beat

How It Works

The system uses PoseNet, a machine learning library that maps out your body movements through a webcam, which can be accessed by anyone using a web-browser.

This experiment invites users everywhere to explore the creative possibilities of their own bodies and make new connections with music manipulation.

Made in collaboration with: Anqi Yang, Jehan Khattak, Tayyaba Taimur, Taavi Kervinen, Magda Mihalache

My Role: Project Concept, UX/UI Design and Machine Learning Exploration

Built With: Posenet, TensorFlow.js, Javascript, p5.js, p5.sound library

Get the code in Github and try 

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